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Twin Dragon Records LLC (TDR) is an artist friendly label that is carefully and aggressively looking for new talent. We’re focused on finding artists with great songs, originality, and depth. TDR is designed to be a stepping stone for promising artists and bands. We work with the artists individually to customize a plan for their needs and goals. TDR was initially created and incorporated in 1999 to help a local band create and distribute their CD release. Since then much has changed in the music industry with home studios, self-released CDs, and iTunes. This creates a challenge for any record label to alter their business model, and we have done just that.

We believe we have the most versatile record label possible in today’s music business. We can work with an artist on a single song or a full length CD or digital release. We can handle everything from recording, producing, marketing, publishing, distribution, and in some cases, touring.

Checkout our NEWS section to see what projects are open and any artist openings. This is the area we will list producer solicited projects. Our DEMO SUBMISSIION policy is listed under the Contact Us tab. Check it out and send us a demo. We want to help you succeed. Whether that means selling more music, booking bigger shows, or signing to a larger label. We are here to help you.

Twin Dragon Records LLC (TDR) will often partner with other promoters to bring you special shows. We have been the promoter for small night-club acts and we have been a promoter for arena size shows with several bands from Billboard's top 10 on the bill. TDR partners with the most skilled promoters in the industry to bring a show to places you may not think can host one. The above slide show demonstrates a portable stage that allows us to bring an arena size show to just about anywhere.